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The business of running an acting studio can be a challenge. Between the day-to-day administrative tasks of managing your class schedule, its easy to miss opportunities for growth. Make managing your acting studio easier with software that's a perfect fit for your business. This solution is scalable, includes features such as client management, scheduling, payment management and more. Keep things running smoothly, manage and grow your studio at your fingertips.

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Top Reasons to Choose My Best Studio

MY BEST STUDIO Acting Studio Software has a solution for all elements of day-to-day operation.

Schedule Management & Booking

Acting Class Schedules & Booking

View your Schedule, On your Terms:

Looking at a packed schedule can be daunting! The good news is, it doesn't have to be. Filter schedule views on our acting studio software by class, workshop, appointment, title or instructor, as per your convenience.

Run Acting Classes & Workshops:

From in-person to virtual classes, manage your classes smoothly with the acting studio management software.

Book Private & Semi-private Appointments:

See a schedule of upcoming private or semi-private acting appointments, schedule new appointments, set up recurring appointments and more.

Class Management, at a Glance:

Get a quick view of how many people are in each class by monitoring check ins and check outs.

New Client Registrations:

Keep track of all the new customers who have signed up with your acting studio. You can also follow-up with your clients to check if they need any help.

Staff Management

Tools for Staff & Instructor Management

Modify Staff Access to Controls:

You decide which controls and settings employees have access to and can modify their usage rights at the click of a button.

No Usage Restrictions:

As your business grows, we understand that your employee strength grows too. So, we do not impose any limits on the number of employees who can use the acting studio software.

Multiple Payment Modules:

We respect the individual needs of your business. That's why we give you full freedom to release instructor payments in a manner that is in line with your internal policies.

View Staff Availability:

With a birds eye view of the acting studio schedule, you can easily track which of your staff is available at any time, from the dashboard.

Payment Management

End-to-End Payment Management

Gain Complete Control Over Payments:

This system allows you to keep track of your billing history and any upcoming client payments expected from the acting studio management software

Employee Salary Management:

Create accurate paychecks and get a history of all payrolls.

Instructor Payment Management:

Figure out the best payment term for your business and explore the software's payment modules for instructor compensation.

On the Clock Payment Reminders:

To ensure the financial health of your business, it's important that you get paid on time. Our integrated alerts make sure that whoever misses a recurring payment is notified on time.

Multitude of Payment Options:

Auto-charge payments means that if a customer has a recurring membership, his account will get debited automatically. This feature lets you worry less about collecting customers' money and focus more on your business.

Client Relationship Management

Client Relationship Fostering

Get Customer Feedback:

We've built our own rating system so you can receive customer reviews and ratings via the custom client app.

Save Key Client Information:

Never miss a follow up with your clients. Save all client information on the acting studio software and use notes or alerts to track a client's progress and growth.

Membership Sharing:

A unique feature of the software, membership sharing allows clients to choose to take acting classes with their friends and family.

Contract Management

Contract Management Made Easy

Quick Contract Management:

Our contract management tool is the fastest, simplest way to manage all of your contracts for clients, instructors and employees.

Contract Creation:

Our inbuilt contract creator tool is ideal for creating contracts quickly and easily.

View Status of Contracts:

Watch contracts come together. Check the status of pending client contracts, whether you're at studio or on the road.

Digital Contracts Signing:

Customers can easily review contracts and sign digitally from the custom client app. As for business owners, keep track of each contract with our mobile admin app.

Retail Assist

Retail Management

Quick Product Sales:

The acting studio software is designed to help you make product sales more efficient. Sell merchandise like props, costumes or tutorial videos from the platform.

Track Product Inventory Easily:

Inventory management is vital for entrepreneurs and big corporates alike. It helps you to perform multiple business functions like tracking stock levels, planning purchase requirements and more.

Vendor Management:

Track important vendor information including availability of products, price per unit and personal details. This will help you make your purchasing process more efficient.

Track Income and Expenses:

From your monthly business revenue to expenses, track it all easily. Keep a tab on your cash flow and identify how you can optimize your Retail business to boost revenues.

Custom client and owner apps
Acting Class Booking and Sign-in App

My Best Studio Apps

Custom Client App:

Our complementary branded app is designed for the ease and convenience of your customers to interact effectively with your acting studio.

Admin Apps

Enjoy free access to two admin apps which have been built to give you quick access to important business features and to check in customers into the studio.

Wide Range of Configurations

125+ Software Configurations:

Use our acting studio software the way you want to. Customize settings to suit your internal business policies and preferences.

Smart Reports & Analysis

Comprehensive Reporting:

Get a deep dive into your studio's performance. From customer acquisition to revenue and attendance trends, access all the information you need from 80+ detailed reports.

Acting Studio Class

Acting studio management software is the solution you need to scale your business and put it in the spotlight.

One Low Price, Forever

Do you want to continue using the software forever without having to pay more each year? This is a common concern and we've resolved it! Now you can use the software forever without increases. Our flat rate of $55/month and unlimited access makes it super easy to manage your acting studio business, from anywhere.



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