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Our studio management software pricing is transparent and in line and even lower than industry standards. Unlike the common practice of price-locking premium features, our pricing is standard and unchanging. This ensures you can run your business efficiently, without burning a hole in your wallet.

Most fitness studio software prices can be exorbitantly expensive especially the way their packages are structured. At My Best Studio, we try to change that. We believe that a fitness studio software cost should be affordable and make business sense. If you are looking for affordable scheduling software, you’re in luck! My Best Studio offers efficient schedule management solutions and more through its all-in-one studio management software.

Once you sign up for our fitness studio software, the flat monthly rate is locked-in and is inclusive of all services. As an existing customer, you’ll never have to worry about sudden rate increases. So if you’re looking for the best software for studio management, your search ends here.

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