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Managing A Barre Studio Is Now Easy

Are you a business owner who offers barre classes and workshops from your barre studio? Imagine increasing your business revenue without the need to be physically present. The barre and ballet studio management software from My Best Studio is engineered to help you expand your operations through effective organization and streamlining of all business functions. Our user-friendly barre software enables you to seamlessly manage your entire business from any location.

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Top Reasons to Choose My Best Studio

Handling daily administrative and operational tasks is effortless with My Best Studio's best barre studio software solution.

Schedule Management & Booking

Schedule & Booking Management, Now Simplified

Schedule Management:

Filter your schedule by class, workshop, appointment, or instructor for a personalized view of your barre sessions, directly within our barre scheduling software.

Easy Tracking of Classes & Workshops:

Easily manage bookings for both online and in-person classes with our dedicated barre class booking software.

Manage Appointments:

Quickly organize individual, small group, and repeat bookings with ease.

Oversee Check-ins & Check-outs:

It’s easier than ever to track attendance with the barre software's ability to track check ins and check outs. .

Track Enrollments of New Clients:

Regularly update and review new client registrations at your fitness studio with the barre studio software.

Staff Management

Supervise Staff & Instructors

Staff Access Controls:

Add new staff members to our barre software. Ensure the confidentiality of both business and personal information by managing the access permissions of instructors and employees.

No Limits on Use:

The software is accessible to any number of employees at any given time, ensuring that it is always available whenever it is needed.

Flexible Instructor Payment Systems:

Manage payments of instructors effortlessly with dynamic payment terms that suit the needs of your business. Find the payment solution which best complements the requirements of your enterprise.

Staff Surveillance:

Effortlessly track the attendance of staff members and the availability of instructors.

Payment Management

Easily Handle Payments

Transparent Web-Based Billing:

With our barre software’s clear and open payment systems, you can view and manage all payments received from one central location.

Management of Salary Payouts:

Record the clock-in and clock-out times of employees to ensure precise salary payments.

Instructor Payment Management:

Barre studio software enables you to accept any form of payment including cash, check, credit/debit cards,

Set Up Payment Reminders:

Schedule alerts for payments from clients that are pending or past due.

Activate Recurring Auto-Pay:

Provide several payment methods for recurring memberships via the barre studio software. With automatic renewals, this eliminates the hassle of monthly membership purchases.

Client Relationship Management

Manage Client Relationships

Streamlined Client Feedback:

Our barre studio management software features an embedded rating mechanism, simplifying the process for clients to provide their feedback through an app.

Secure Client Data Management:

Store client details securely, and use notes and alerts within the system for instructors to personalize sessions or keep track of client achievements.

Enable Shared Memberships:

Clients can conveniently share their pilates studio memberships with loved ones, facilitated by our comprehensive barre software.

Contract Management

Manage Contracts

Optimizing Contract Management:

Manage all contracts for clients, instructors, and staff efficiently with our barre studio management software. Obtain virtual signatures, create exemptions, and more.

Setting Up New Contracts:

Efficiently generate new contracts for classes, appointments, or workshops with ease.

Monitoring Pending Contracts:

Use the barre studio software to monitor the status of pending contracts, identify outstanding items, and enhance overall efficiency.

Digital Contracts Signing:

Clients can sign contracts using our complimentary custom-branded mobile app. Studio owners can track all contract statuses through the mobile admin app.

Retail Assist

Manage Retail Business Lines

Retail Product Sales:

Simplify the selling of fitness merchandise and efficiently distribute exercise tutorial videos.

Maintain Records of Product Inventory:

Manage inventory levels, procurement needs, and additional responsibilities from the barre studio management software.

Store Vendor Information Easily

Oversee vendor-related information such as their personal details, methods of contact, pricing of goods for sale, and more.

Get P&L Statements:

Monitor your retail business's financial wellness by accessing a downloadable profit and loss statement.

Barre Studio Class Booking
Custom Client App for Barre Studio

My Best Studio Apps

Custom Client App:

Receive a free branded app equipped with essential features for customer engagement, personalized for your barre studio.

Admin Apps:

The My Best Studio LITE app provides immediate access to your studio's core functionalities, while the My Best Studio Sign In app enables real-time customer check-ins at your studio.

Software Settings Configuration

125+ Configuration Settings:

Our barre studio software is crafted to offer business owners complete control over their studio operations. With extensive customization capabilities, you can configure your studio according to your specific company policies and preferences.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed Analytics:

Gain extensive insights into every facet of your studio with 80 diverse reports all available from the barre studio management software.

Barre Studio

Barre studio management software that helps you be more productive and focused at work

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