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Martial arts studio management software services that have been custom designed to make your martial arts studio operations smoother and scale your business.

Class Scheduling Software

Martial Arts Studio Management Is Now Flexible & Effortless

Do you aim to deliver outstanding fitness experiences while improving the efficiency of your business operations at the same time? My Best Studio's martial arts studio management software is designed to do just that. We have tried and tested numerous scenarios, incorporated user feedback, hired experts to design beautiful dashboards that are a breeze to use, and came up with simple yet powerful features that will help you manage your martial arts studio on the go.

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Top Reasons to Choose My Best Studio

MY BEST STUDIO Martial Studio Software has a solution for all elements of day-to-day operation.

Schedule Management & Booking

Customizable Schedule & Bookings

View, Modify & Manage your Schedule:

From a single point interface, filter schedule views by class, workshop, appointment or instructor.

Track Sessions:

Check on online or in-person martial arts classes and workshops with our martial arts class booking software.

Set up Appointments:

Manage private, semi-private and recurring bookings with ease.

Record and Monitor Attendance:

Track check ins & check outs from the dashboard

Keep Track of Client Enrollments:

Stay on top of all your new client enrollments with this handy fitness studio management software.

Staff Management

Simplified Employee & Instructor Management

Staff Access Controls:

Enlist new employees on the martial arts software, lend and track the rights of access you want them to have.

No Limits on Use:

Explore controls at your fingertips, at all times, with no usage restrictions

Dynamic Instructor Payment Systems:

Manage instructor payments in a very organized way. With our various payment modules, you can explore your options and finalize the one that works best for your business.

Smart Staff Efficiency Management:

Monitor employee attendance and instructor availability easily from our martial arts club management software.

Payment Management

Overall Payment Management

Control Over Payment Streams:

Review your billing history, account balance and any upcoming fees from the martial arts studio management software

Salary Payment Management:

Automatically track staff's clock in and out times, and process their salary payouts accordingly.

Instructor Payment Management:

There are multiple payment terms that can be explored for your business needs.

Timely Payment Reminders:

Know exactly how much you're owed and who owes it to you and send payment alerts with our transparent billing systems.

Dynamic Payment Options:

With auto-charge payment, customers will be automatically charged the predetermined amount for recurring memberships.

Client Relationship Management

Client Relationship Building

Customer Feedback Requests:

Our in-built rating system enables you to receive customer reviews and ratings via the custom client app

Client Information Records:

Store all your client information in one place to follow up with clients and use notes or alerts to track client's progress.

Membership Sharing:

Membership sharing is a great way for clients to take martial arts classes together with their friends and family.

Contract Management

Paperless Contract Management

Smart Contract Management:

Save time, every step of the way! Our contract management tool will help you manage client, instructor & staff contracts in a snap.

Contract Set up:

Create your contacts for classes, appointments or workshops in a quick and easy way. It's simple and effective.

View Pending Contracts:

Easily keep tabs on the status of your clients' contracts, whether you're at the studio or on the go, using our martial arts studio management software.

Digital Contracts Signing:

Customers need to simply open the custom client app, review the contract and sign it. Business owners can easily check out contract status using the mobile admin app.

Retail Assist

Retail Operations Management

Sales of Retail Products:

Manage every aspect of your product sales from the martial arts software. Tutorial videos can be sold with a link to download it immediately.

Product Inventory Tracking:

Run a month-to-month stock control, plan purchase requirements and more easily using the fitness studio management software.

Vendor Monitoring & Management:

Create a database of vendors and their products, unit sale prices and record their personal information to keep in touch with them.

P&L Analysis:

See income and expenses clearly, spot trends quickly, and plan for the future of your business.

Custom client and owner apps
Martial Arts Class Booking App

My Best Studio Apps

Custom Client App:

Take advantage of this free app to boost business. We offer a complementary branded app with features that make it easy for your customers to engage with your martial arts studio.

Admin Apps:

Our two admin apps are perfect for both running your business and checking in customers.

Software Settings Configuration

Comprehensive Control with 125+ Settings:

Our software provides you with a wide range of configuration options and modifications in order to match your internal company policies and preferences.

In Depth Reports & Analysis

Comprehensive Reporting:

View deep insights into your studio's performance. Every detail is covered from customer acquisition to revenue and attendance trends, with 80+ detailed reports.

Martial Arts Class

Martial arts studio management software is the best investment you can make for your business today

Simple Pricing For Everyone

Looking for a software that you can use forever, and doesn't increase in price over time? Well, look no further! We believe in fair and clear pricing. That's why we offer one software rate for everyone. Our flat $55/month rate is all inclusive! Not only that, but your subscription rate will remain the same—we won't raise it!



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