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Cycling studio management software that has been built to comprehensively address the business requirements of cycling studio owners.

Class Scheduling Software

Grow & Manage your Cycling Studio Business

Deliver outstanding fitness experiences with My Best Studio's cycling software. Our cycle studio management software is built to manage your cycling studio with ease – with powerful features and a simple dashboard, we help you deliver a great experience to your clients and move your business forward.

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Top Reasons to Choose My Best Studio

MY BEST STUDIO Cycling Studio Software has a solution for all elements of day-to-day operation.

Schedule Management & Booking

Schedule & Bookings

Simplify your Schedule:

Keep track of your classes, appointments, and workshops from the cycling studio software.

Track Sessions:

Check on online or in-person cycling classes and workshops with our cycling class booking software.

Schedule Appointments:

Set up personal and group appointments, including the option to set up simultaneous appointment bookings.

Monitor Classes:

Maintain an accurate record of class attendance - track who is joining classes, and who has missed class.

Manage Client Enrollments:

Your clients are your business and keeping track of them is crucial to the health of your studio. Never lose track of your new client enrollments with this fitness studio management software.

Staff Management

Employee & Instructor Management

Employee & Instructors Access Rights:

Create access controls for employees and instructors that you enlist on the cycling studio software.

Unlimited Use:

No restrictions are imposed on usage, ever.

Multiple Instructor Payment Modules:

Pay your instructors exactly the way you want. Maximize your business profits by paying instructors only for the time spent with clients. You can explore your options and finalize the one that works best for your business.

Staff Monitoring:

Check on employee attendance and instructor availability at any time.

Payment Management

Payment Management

Detailed Payment Info:

Get a complete view of your financial operations with the option to review billing history, income statement and pending fees from the cycling studio software

Salary Payment Processing:

Easily see your staff's working hours, ensuring that you're paying them appropriately

Instructor Payment Management:

From one-time payments to split payment terms and others explore your options to find the right model for your cycling studio.

Regular Payment Reminders:

You'll never have to chase a client for payment again. Our payment system is transparent and you can send an unlimited number of payment requests to a client for due or lapsed payments.

Auto-charge Payments:

With auto-charge payments, you'll have no more billing cycles to worry about. Customers will be charged the predetermined amount on a recurring basis until they choose to cancel the membership.

Client Relationship Management

Client Management

In-built Rating System:

What do your customers think about your services? Get feedback regularly via customer reviews and ratings from the custom client app

Client Information Records:

Store all your client information in one place to follow up with clients and use notes or alerts to track client's progress, right from our fitness studio software.

Membership Sharing:

Membership sharing is a unique benefit that allows your clients to enjoy classes at your studio with the people they love.

Contract Management

Contract Controls

Quick Contract Management:

Manage client, instructor and employee contracts & paperwork with ease, and get back to what matters: your clients' satisfaction.

Contract Set up:

Looking for an efficient way to manage contracts for classes, appointments and workshops? Create new contacts and edit existing ones quickly and easily.

View Contract Status:

Whether you're at the studio or on the go, you can easily find out how many contracts are pending using the cycling studio management software.

Digital Contracts Signing:

Our digital signing feature helps you to close deals faster. Business owners can use our mobile admin app to view the status of the contract. Customers can quickly review the contract and sign it using the custom client app.

Retail Assist

Retail Operations

Sell Specialized Products and Services:

Our cycling studio software equips you to manage sales of physical goods, such as water bottles, cycling gloves and apparel. Additionally, you can sell virtual goods, such as links to download on-demand video tutorials.

Product Inventory Control:

Access real-time inventory information -available stocks, quantity, cost price and retail prices.

Vendor Relationship Management:

Create a database of vendors. Input their personal details (including addresses, contact information) and the price per unit for their products.

Quick Financial Analysis:

Get a P&L statement for your retail business and have an accurate view of performance.

Custom client and owner apps
Cycling Studio Booking App

My Best Studio Apps

Custom Client App:

This custom app is offered at no cost to you, and built specifically to help your clients engage with your cycling studio, on the go.

Admin Apps:

Our two admin apps make it easy to manage your business and check in customers from anywhere

Configuration of Software Settings

125+ Settings:

Not just access to 125+ settings, all available in an easy-to-use interface, our cycling studio software also offers extensive configuration options you can explore based on the policies of your company.

Deep Dive Reporting

Reporting & Analysis:

With so much data, it's not always clear how to take action with your studio. We answer those questions with 80+ reports that give actionable insights into multiple aspects of your studio performance.

Cycling Class

Cycling studio management software is the competitive edge your business needs today!

Single Price Promise

Our software cost is flat, forever. Not only does this pricing model protect you from surprise costs and fees, it's all inclusive and we can guarantee that we won't raise it for our existing customers – ever.



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