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Managing a CrossFit studio is no easy task. My Best Studio's CrossFit studio management software allows you to manage all these functions smoothly and efficiently. We've taken inputs from CrossFit enthusiasts and business specialists to create an easy-to-use software that helps you manage your CrossFit studio in the most efficient way possible.

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Top Reasons to Choose My Best Studio

MY BEST STUDIO CrossFit Studio Software has a solution for all elements of day-to-day operation.

Schedule Management & Booking

Smooth Schedule Management & Bookings

Filter Schedule Views:

View, modify & manage your schedule by class, workshop, appointment or instructor from a single point interface.

Check on Sessions:

Our CrossFit class booking software lets you quickly and easily check on online or in-person classes and workshops.

Schedule Appointments:

From private to semi-private bookings and recurring bookings, manage it all with ease.

Keep an Eye on Attendance:

Simplify your attendance tracking needs. Use the fitness studio software dashboard to track check ins & check outs in real time.

Stay on Top of Client Enrollments:

Can't get a handle on your class enrollments? Keep track of new client intakes at all times with our CrossFit studio management software.

Staff Management

Improved Employee & Instructor Management

Define Staff Access Rights:

With the right access controls, you can leverage your staff to keep things running smoothly. Give employees access to your software and track which rights they are allowed as a part of their job.

Unrestricted Usage:

Designed to be simple. No usage restrictions. Control at your fingertips.

Instructor Payment Systems:

Our payment modules provide the flexibility you need and ensure that you can effectively pay instructors.

Efficient Employee Management:

Manage instructor availability and view overall attendance numbers.

Payment Management

Seamless Payment Management

Control Over Payment Streams:

You are always in control of your billing information with the CrossFit studio management software. Review your record of paid or unpaid fees and income statement all from one convenient dashboard

Staff Payroll Management:

Calculate your staff's salary payouts with ease! This simple and intuitive tool automatically tracks clock ins and outs, overtime hours, and more

Instructor Payroll Management:

Define payment terms that suit you the best. Do you prefer to pay as a one time salary payment or incentive based payments? Choose a payment structure that suits you.

Payment Reminders:

Payment reminders take the hassle out of collecting payments. Know exactly how much you're owed and when you're being paid.

Auto Charge for Memberships:

Customers with memberships will be charged the predetermined amount at each billing cycle, without having to manually pay on a recurring basis.

Client Relationship Management

Maintaining Client Relationships

Solicit Customer Feedback:

Customers can now give you feedback via our in-built rating system. Be the first to know if customers are not happy and improve your performance on the spot.

Securely Store Client Information:

Never forget a client's name again. Record their personal details and case information all in one place and set up alerts to track client progress.

Enable Membership Sharing:

A great value-add, clients can share the benefits of membership with their partner, friend or family. They'll be able to access all the features of membership at no extra cost.

Contract Management

All In One Contract Management

Digital Contract Management:

We know you are busy — so we've created a tool to help manage and organize your contracts with ease.

Paperless Contract Set up:

Create contracts and agreements and share with clients in seconds!

Track Pending Contracts

Easily see which contracts are pending completion and draft contracts right from the dashboard, wherever you are.

Virtual Contract Signatures:

No more printer, scanner and fax! With our fitness studio software clients can sign or send contracts from wherever they are.

Retail Assist

Retail Business Management

Product Sales:

Sell merchandise like gear, shoes and clothing, plus downloadable CrossFit tutorial videos from the CrossFit studio management software.

Product Inventory Tracking:

Track stock levels and plan purchasing requirements. Replenish your inventory in time, so you never lose out on business.

Vendor Monitoring & Management:

Build a vendor database, maintaining a list of all your current vendors, their personal information, product offers and unit prices.

Track your Income & Expenses:

Get insights about your sales, and learn which products are likely to sell as you grow your business.

Custom client and owner apps
Crossfit Studio Booking and Sign In App

My Best Studio Apps

Custom Client App:

A complementary branded app, this is the perfect tool for customers to engage with your studio, conveniently.

Admin Apps:

Run your business on the go with our new admin apps. Check in customers, and manage your business all from your phone.

Software Configuration Set Up

125+ Configuration Settings:

Extremely simple and intuitive, our software allows business owners to set up their own rules, by modifying the available configurations in order to ensure compliance with company policies and business objectives.

High Quality Reports & Analysis

Premium Reporting:

Take a closer look at your studio's performance with access to 80+ detailed reports. We run the numbers so you can stay focused on what matters most.

CrossFit Studio

CrossFit studio management software designed to accelerate your productivity at work

Transparent Pricing

We believe software should be simple and affordable. That's why we charge one flat rate of $55/month so you don't have to worry about hidden extras or features hidden behind paywalls. Our flat rate subscription model allows you to keep your operating costs predictable each month – just as it should be!



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