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Fitness studio software that is designed to improve your business efficiency and profitability, while enhancing & maintaining customer satisfaction.

Class Scheduling Software

Fitness Studio Management Software for Growing & Established Businesses

Managing a fitness studio comes with its challenges. At My Best Studio, we've thought through every aspect of studio management and built a fitness studio management software that automates many key functions of your business. We've consulted entrepreneurs and business specialists to create an easy-to-use software that helps you manage your studio with optimum efficiency.

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Top Reasons to Choose My Best Studio

MY BEST STUDIO Fitness Studio Software has a solution for all elements of day-to-day operation.

Schedule Management & Booking

Intelligent Schedule Management & Booking Options

Customize your Schedule Views:

From a one-point interface, you can view, modify & manage your fitness schedule by class, workshop, appointment or instructor.

Session Monitoring:

Our class booking software is designed to enable you to view ongoing in-person classes and workshops as well as online sessions.

Appointment Scheduling:

Private, semi-private or recurring bookings can all be managed with ease from the fitness studio software.

Attendance Tracking:

Keeping an eye on attendance does not have to feel like a daily chore! Tracking attendance is a breeze as you can now view a log of check ins & check outs at any time.

Track Latest Client Enrolled:

Staying on top of new client enrollments is important as that first impression, is always a lasting one. With our fitness studio software, we've made it easier than ever for you to track new client intakes at all times.

Staff Management

Better Management of Employees & Instructors

Define Access Rights:

With the right staff and employee access controls, you can hand over some aspects of studio management. The best part is that the extent of software usage access is defined by you, to maintain confidentiality where needed.

Unlimited Use:

No usage restrictions and control at your fingertips is a unique advantage!

Flexible Instructor Payment Modules:

Our payment systems allow you to figure out the best way to pay your instructors in a manner that is aligned with your business goals.

Easy Employee Management:

Check instructor availability in seconds and track attendance numbers whenever you choose.

Payment Management

Payment Management Controls

Review your Income Statements:

With our fitness studio management software, you can record paid and unpaid fees and all your billing information, at a glance.

Manage Salary Payments:

Calculate the payouts of all the employees on your payroll, in minutes.

Define Instructor Payment Structures:

From one time to incentive-based payments, manage payments as per terms that work best for you.

Payment Reminders:

Keeping track of who owes you and how much can be stressful, especially if you're doing it on a day-to-day basis for a mid to large size business. My Best Studio's fitness studio software enables payment reminders solve that problem for you.

Auto Charge Payments for Memberships:

Since memberships come with a predetermined fee, we've made it convenient for both you and the customer by enabling auto charge at each billing cycle.

Client Relationship Management

Client Relationship Maintenance

Request Customer Feedback:

Understanding customer sentiment and grievances and acting on them is the cornerstone of most successful businesses. Your customers can now use the in-built rating system to share feedback. Be the first to know about your customers' concerns and maintain a record level studio performance.

Secure Storage of Client Information:

It's the details that matter! The importance of having access to client names, birthdays, case information and other personal details in one place can not be overstated.

Membership Sharing Facility:

Now, you can give your clients the joy of sharing their membership with a friend or family. This allows the beneficiary access to all the features of membership at no extra charge.

Contract Management

Virtual Contract Management

Digital Contract Management:

Managing contracts in a digital world is easier than ever with our online tool for digital contract management. It's intuitive, helping you find and organize contracts easily.

Paperless Contract Set up:

Get started with our modern, secure, and powerful contract builder. It's completely online and lets you create contracts and agreements and share with clients in a jiffy!

Track Pending Contracts:

Wherever you are, our mobile-friendly dashboard helps you stay on-track with your pending contracts.

Virtual Contract Signatures:

Gone are the days where you have to go to your printer, scan the contract and then send it via fax. With our online contract tool, clients can sign or send contracts easily, no matter where they are.

Retail Assist

Retail Operations Management

Faster Product Sales:

Our fitness studio software brings your products to life, making the customer experience straightforward and enjoyable. You can sell merchandise like gear, shoes and clothing, plus downloadable fitness tutorial videos from our technology platform.

Seamless Product Inventory Tracking:

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or running a multinational corporation, inventory management is a crucial part of your business. Keep all your products under control, track stock levels and plan purchasing requirements from the software.

Vendor Management:

Keep track of your business's vendors with a database that includes personal and company information, product availability and unit prices. This information is vital to streamline your purchasing process.

Income & Expense Tracking :

Track your retail business' monthly revenue and expenses, so you can monitor your cash flow and identify areas for improvement.

Custom client and owner apps
Fitness Class Booking App

My Best Studio Apps

Custom Client App:

From bookings to rescheduling appointments and more, the custom client app enables customers to do it all and easily interact with your studio.

Admin Apps:

Manage key business operations on the go with our mobile admin apps. Check in customers, keep track of your schedule and manage operations all from your phone.

Key Configuration Settings

Easy Configuration Settings:

With 125+ configuration settings at your disposal, you can ensure the software is set up to comply with your company policies and business goals.

Quality, In-Depth Reporting

Timely Reports & Analysis:

Keep your finger on the pulse of your studio's performance with our premium reporting features. Understand the health of your business and make data driven decisions that will take your studio to new heights.

Fitness Class

Fitness studio management software for big & small fitness studios

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Stop spending hours searching for software that does what you need at the right price. We believe software should be simple and affordable. That's why our flat rate pricing of $55 per month makes it affordable to use all the features of our software, no matter how many users you have. We won't hide any extra costs behind a paywall.



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