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Looking for an easier way to manage your yoga studio? Your search ends here. My Best Studio’s yoga studio management software is the leading software choice for small & large business owners in the fitness industry. With our custom designed yoga studio software & add on services, managing your yoga studio is a breeze. We have served thousands of happy customers to date, across the globe and we’re growing fast! Explore our all-in-one yoga class booking software and scheduling solutions today and grow your business.

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Top Reasons to Choose My Best Studio

MY BEST STUDIO Yoga Studio Software has a solution for all elements of day-to-day operation.

Schedule Management & Booking

Schedule Management & Booking

Dynamic Views:

Our yoga software lets you view your schedule by class, workshop, appointment or instructor

Classes & Workshops:

Manage virtual and in-person classes effortlessly with our yoga class booking software


Manage private or semi-private bookings easily, with an option to set up recurring appointments

Easy Class Monitoring:

Track in-person and online class check-in & check-out

New Registrations:

Keep a track of all new clients registered with your yoga studio

Staff Management

Staff Management

Employee Access:

Add staff members to the yoga software & manage access rights for instructors and employees, all while maintaining complete confidentiality of business and personal information.

Unlimited Use:

No limits on the number of employees who can use the software

Dynamic Instructor Payment Systems:

Explore multiple payment modules and zero in on the one that best suits your business.

Staff Monitoring:

Manage staff attendance & track schedules and availability of instructors, all from a single dashboard on our yoga studio management software.

Payment Management

Payment Management

Effective Online Billing Systems:

Easily track all incoming payments from our yoga studio management software.

Employee Salary Payments:

Manage salary payouts by tracking clock in & out times

Instructor Payments:

Explore dynamic payment options and narrow in on what works for your business

Payment Reminders:

Set up reminders for client payments that are due or lapsed

Multiple Payment Options:

Set up auto charge for recurring memberships

Client Relationship Management

Client Relationship Management

In-Built Rating:

Get client ratings & reviews and keep a track of customer feedback effectively via the client app

Manage Client Information:

Securely record client data, add client notes for instructors to view and set up alerts to track the client's progress.

Membership Options:

Clients have the option to share a membership with family and friends. This can be easily set up via the yoga studio software.

Contract Management

Contract Management

Client, Instructor & Employee Contracts:

Effectively manage contracts of any nature, automatically request for contract signatures, create exemptions and more from a single touchpoint – your yoga studio management software.

Class, Appointment & Workshop Contracts:

Set up new contracts for your dynamic yoga modules quickly and easily.

Track Pending Contracts:

At a glance, view all pending items, address them quickly and improve business workflow and efficiency.

Digital Contract/Waiver Signing:

Clients can use our complementary custom branded app to sign contracts while business owners can track contract status via the admin app from the mobile phone

Retail Assist

Retail Assist

Product & Video Sales:

Manage sales of yoga equipment or even exercise tutorial videos effortlessly, right from the interface of the yoga studio software.

Manage Inventory:

Control and oversee the stock flow, purchase requirements and more

Manage Vendors:

Record vendors professional information, contact details, product selling price and more.

Track P&L:

Get a detailed profit and loss statement of accounts at any time

Custom client and owner apps
Yoga Complementary Apps

Complementary Apps

Custom Client App:

A branded app with key customer-oriented features of the yoga software that your customers can use to interact with your yoga studio.

Admin Apps:

Handy mobile apps that allows you quick access and control over some of the key features of your studio, in just a few taps. Also enjoy a specialist sign-in tracking admin app.

Configuration Set Up

125+ Settings:

Our yoga studio management software has been thoughtfully designed to give business owners extremely granular level of control over every aspect of their studio. Modify multiple settings on the software to suit the unique requirements & policies of your yoga studio.

Reporting & Analytics

Performance Analysis/In-Depth Reporting:

Reports and analytics give you insight into your company's performance, so you can make better business decisions. With over 80 different types of reports & analytics to choose from, you can easily see how well you're meeting your goals.

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