Point Of Sale

Integrated Point of Sale Software for Quick & Secure Financial Transactions

Point of Sale Software for Yoga Studio, Fitness Studio and Pilates Studio

Accept payments, track sales and save money on credit card processing fees

Whether you want to sell fitness classes and other services at your fitness studio or manage online transactions for your retail business, you require point of sale systems in place. My Best Studio simplifies the process for you by integrating point of sale software into our fitness studio management software.

Point of Sale Software for Pilates Studio, Yoga Studio and Fitness Studio

Secure Online Transactions

The point of sale system integrated into our fitness management software does the heavylifting for you. This means that we ensure you have a trusted merchant services partnership and outstanding customer service. Top security is the highest priority and PCI Level I compliance is maintained on all client data and transaction information.

Better Rates, More Savings

We leverage the high volume of daily transactions from our software to negotiate better rates with our merchant partners. This allows us to ensure you get the best credit card processing rates and help you save on each transaction.

Hardware Consultation

Our merchant service specialists are available to help you select the best credit card readers and other processing equipment for your studio.

Automatic Billing

Any recurring fees or membership payments can be auto billed via your fitness studio POS system. So, you never have to worry about sending payment reminders to clients.

Online Store Support

With a POS system in place, managing an online store is a breeze. Clients can make secure purchases from the custom client app, while studio owners can sell their products and services securely through the software and admin app.

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