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My Best Studio is designed to make running your dance studio fast, easy, and stress-free. Our aim is to help dance studio entrepreneurs manage their day-to-day business operations with our all-in-one software and add-ons. Our flexible, personalized solutions have helped thousands of business owners around the world and we're rapidly expanding. Know more about our dance class booking software and scheduling solutions and take your business ahead.

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Top Reasons to Choose My Best Studio

MY BEST STUDIO Dance Studio Software has a solution for all elements of day-to-day operation.

Schedule Management & Booking

Schedule & Booking Solutions

Customized Views:

Our dance studio software gives you many options for viewing your schedule. Choose from class view, workshop view, appointment view or instructor view to help plan your day or week ahead.

Classes & Workshops:

Run in-person and online classes with ease using our dance class booking software.

Appointment Management:

From private to semi-private bookings, manage it all with ease. The software also gives you the choice to set up recurring appointments

Class Management:

Monitor class numbers by tracking in-person and online class check-in & check-out

New Client Registrations:

Track all the new customers registered with your dance studio to follow-up with them later.

Staff Management

Staff Management Assistance

Staff Access Rights:

Give your employees access to the software with a single click. Manage their access to information from one place, all while keeping business and personal data completely private.

Anytime, Unlimited Usage:

We don't limit the number of employees who can use our software

Various Payment Modules:

Every business is unique and so are its payment policies. We respect that. With the dynamic instructor payment module, you get to choose how you want to release payment.

Staff Tracking:

Once you sign up with our dance studio management software, you can view all schedules and staff availability from a single dashboard.

Payment Management

Payment Management

Streamlined Billing Systems:

Our payment tracking system works in real time, so you always know how much money is coming into your dance studio.

Employee Salaries:

Track clock in and out times to create accurate paychecks and see a history of all payrolls.

Instructor Payments:

Navigate payment options the way that works best for you. Whether your business is growing or established, there's a perfect solution for your goals.

Payment Reminders:

Making sure you get paid on time is our priority. Our dance studio management software lets you set client payment reminders for payments which are due or lapsed.

Multiple Payment Options:

Clients will be charged automatically for recurring memberships, so they can keep your membership rolling without missing a beat and you don't have to worry about payments coming in.

Client Relationship Management

Client Relationship Nurturing

In-built Rating:

Reviews are a great way to keep track of customer feedback. With our complementary client app, you can easily get client ratings & reviews and monitor the efficiency of your dance studio.

Client Information Records:

Keep client information secure and easily accessible, add client notes for all instructors to view and set up alerts to track each client's progress.

Membership Sharing Facility:

Everyone in the family can experience the benefits of dance fitness, with our membership sharing options.

Contract Management

End-to-End Contract Management

Contract Management:

Store any contract document online, including client, instructor & employee contracts. You can virtually send requests to clients for contract signatures, customize contracts and more from a single interface –the dance studio management software.

Contracts for Classes, Appointments & Workshops:

Any contract for your dance studio can be set up in just a few clicks. So you can focus on what you do best, while the paperwork is taken care of.

Track Pending Contracts:

See the status of each contract and any pending items, at a glance and manage contracts more efficiently.

Digital Contract/Waiver Signing:

Save time by having clients sign contracts digitally using the custom client app.

Retail Assist

Retail Assist

Product & Video Sales:

Manage sales of your dance accessories or even dance tutorial videos effortlessly, right from the interface of the dance studio software.

Inventory Tracking:

Keep a close eye on all your business sales, stock and accounts so everything runs smoothly.

Vendor Information Management:

Get your vendor information organized and saved in one place, with all of their contact details, prices and product catalogue.

Detailed P&L Statement:

Get a snapshot of your business finances over time, see account trends, identify changes and more.

Custom client and owner apps
Dance Studio Booking and Sign-in App

Complementary Mobile Apps

Custom Client App:

Now you can bring your business to your customers via their mobile device! Our custom branded app puts the dance studio software features that we know your customers will love right in their hands.

Admin Apps:

Our handy mobile apps allow you to control and run your studio in an easy, hassle-free way. Access key studio features in a few tabs along with a useful sign in tracking admin app.

Configuration Set Up

125+ Settings:

Our dance studio management software has been designed to give you direct control over your operations, with 125+ settings that can be modified as per your policies and preferences.

Performance Analysis

Robust Reporting:

Stay up-to-date on the performance of your company with access to over 80 reports, all integrated into the dance studio software.

Dance Class

Easy-to-use software designed for the modern day studio

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