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Pole Fitness Studio Management Software!

Pole fitness studio management software services that have been designed to address the unique needs of business owners and their pole fitness studios.

Class Scheduling Software

All-In One Solution to Manage your Pole Fitness Studio!

Do you offer pole fitness at your studio? My Best Studio's pole fitness studio management software is designed just for business owners like you. It's a software solution that puts powerful business operations within the reach of even the smallest studios. Whether you are a seasoned pole fitness studio owner or just starting out, you can count on us to help you run and manage your business with ease.

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Top Reasons to Choose My Best Studio

MY BEST STUDIO Pole Fitness Software has a solution for all elements of day-to-day operation.

Schedule Management & Booking

Streamlined Schedule & Bookings

Handle your Schedule Easily:

View, modify & manage your schedule at a glance. Filter your schedule view by workshop, appointment, class, or instructor title for easy viewing.

Manage Bookings Easily:

Keep an eye on in-person & virtual pole fitness classes at any time with our pole fitness management software

Plan Appointments:

Set up bookings in a snap, including private, semi-private and recurring bookings.

Maintain Healthy Session Attendance:

Monitor check ins & check outs at any time

See New Client Enrollments:

Keep track of all the clients you enroll in your pole fitness studio

Staff Management

Smarter Employee & Instructor Management

Customize Staff Controls:

Set up new employees in minutes, and change access rights with a few clicks, on our pole fitness studio management software.

Unlimited Usage, Always:

With zero usage restrictions, you can access all controls, whenever you choose to, wherever you are.

Multiple Payment Modules:

Instead of using complicated online tools and spreadsheets to manage your payments, do it all in one place, based on what best suits your business.

Manage Staff Productivity:

From staff attendance, to leaves and more, you can track your best and worst performers easily from our pole fitness club management software.

Payment Management

Easy Management of Payments

Stay on Top of Billings:

Access your account information, income statement and upcoming payments whenever you need to.

Manage Payroll in a Jiffy:

Use the pole fitness studio software to track your staff's clock in and out times, and automatically process the salary payouts.

Instructor Payment Management:

Effectively streamline payment processes with multiple payment terms

Get Paid on Time:

Timely payments is crucial for any business. Our easy to use and transparent billing systems help you keep track of your invoices, store copies online and send reminders to your clients

Set up Auto-charge on Payments:

Automatically debit your customers account for recurring payments and ensure your customers never miss a payment!

Client Relationship Management

Nurture Client Relationships

Set up Customer Feedback Requests:

See what customers are saying about your business! Our pre-built rating system allows you to receive customer reviews and ratings via the custom client app.

Save Client Details:

Have client information at the tips of your fingers so you can follow up with them, include notes for instructors and keep an eye on clients' progress, all from the pole fitness studio management app.

Share Memberships:

Membership sharing allows your valued customers to enjoy the company of their friends and family as they get fit.

Contract Management

Virtual Contract Management

Create Client, Instructor & Staff Contracts:

Easily keep track of expired contracts, and create new ones in just a few clicks, right from the pole fitness studio software.

Set up Contracts in Minutes:

Get everything you need to execute and manage contracts for classes, appointments or workshops.

Keep a Tab on Pending Contracts:

Easily keep tabs on the status of your clients' contracts, whether you're at the studio or on the go,using our pole fitness studio management software.

Digital Contract Signatures:

Our contract management tool makes signing and managing contracts super easy, so you can quickly get back to business.

Retail Assist

Retail Business Management

Sell Retail Products:

Manage sales of all your digital and physical products directly from the pole fitness studio management software. This includes tutorial videos which can be sold along with a link to download.

Monitor Product Inventory:

If you are managing a retail business, monthly stock control helps you run your operations smoothly. Easily check on stock flow, purchase requirements and more.

Vendor Management Facility:

Store all your vendor details, their products and unit sale prices in one place.

P&L Analysis:

To make better business decisions, you need timely, easy-to-read financial information. Our software has been built to help you view income and expenses easily and plan for your Retail business growth.

Custom client and owner apps
Pole Fitness Class Booking App

My Best Studio Apps

Custom Client App:

Get a free custom app that's customized with your brand name, when you sign up with our pole fitness studio management software. The app has been designed with key features to enable your customer base to engage with the studio easily.

Admin Apps:

Get instant control over some of the most important features of your studio with the My Best Studio Lite app. To check in customers into your studio at any time, the My Best Studio Sign in app lets you do just that.

Comprehensive Configuration Settings

125+ Configuration Settings:

From scheduling settings to client configuration settings and more, we've designed our software to make it as flexible and versatile as possible. Modify settings as per your company policy and preferences at any time.

In Depth Reports & Analysis

Comprehensive Reporting:

View and analyze reports on all areas of your studio's performance. With 80+ in-depth reports, you're sure to get detailed insights that are most relevant to your business, with our pole fitness studio management software.

Pole Class

Boost profits by automating your pole fitness studio management today!

Standard Pricing

We believe in fair, simple pricing. That's why we offer a flat $55/month fee for every pole fitness studio—no matter the size. Our pole fitness studio management software comes at an all-inclusive rate, covers everything, and won't change over time.



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