A detailed listing of all clients. The client page is smartly coded as it shows the recently helped clients on top. Further, it has an active search which allows you to find a client from the many thousand clients within seconds. The active search feature starts narrowing down the client list as you are typing.

Class Sign in

An effortless way to check in a client. From here you can also confirm an existing client. Right from this screen is the option to add a membership package for clients who have purchased them. It even allows you to email or text message a client right from here with any updates within the studio.


This most advanced schedule allows multiple viewing options: day, week and month. Further sort it by an instructor or a type of class. Right from the schedule screen is the option to sign up a client or book an appointment. It also has an easy option to sort by classes, workshops and appointments.


Over 40 different types of reports allow you to manage and run your studio with ease. These analytics allow you to make better business decisions for your studio. All reports can be sorted by a specific date range and then exported for emailing.


When I started STS FITNESS, I knew I needed a website that would stand out from all the other personal training studios. After searching for website designers, I found My Best Studio. Immediately we began working on the site. Every time I needed to make a change or add something they were made quickly. They were convenient and responsive. Changes and phone calls were made on weekends and holidays if necessary. I am very pleased with the website.

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